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Meditation The Amazing Journey


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Meditation: The Amazing Journey Within (Healthy Mind Institute Meditation Series)

This book will teach techniques, offer tips and suggest tools that will allow the absolute beginner to understand meditation and to begin to benefit from its amazing power. It will also extend the range of the experienced practitioner and help them evaluate afresh their methods and habits to see if there are more effective ways and deeper results that they can receive from their existing beneficial routines. It is important to understand that meditation is a tool that help is achieving a desired result. It is not a substitute for necessary and appropriate steps to your goal. For example, one would not get a driver license by thinking or ‘meditating’ about a car. You must take driver’s education, read the rules of the road, pass the written test and satisfy an examiner that you know how to operate the vehicle. Meditation can help you study better, remember the answers you studied while you take the test, be more relaxed while you are demonstrating your driving ability and otherwise improve your effort. It cannot substitute for the other steps.


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