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Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 148: Episode 148 – My Playbook or Gods

Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 148: Episode 148 – My Playbook or Gods

“I have learned things. I have learned as much by my stupid behavior in hurting and inflicting sorrow and pain on others as I have inflicted on me. I’ve had it inflicted on me. And then I’ve had to learn to be patient and forgiving. And I’ve inflicted it, and I’ve learned. Wow, I didn’t want to be that person and had to beg and seek forgiveness and try to clean up messes I’ve created.” – Kellan Fluckiger

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What you are about to learn

There is a divine purpose, and there is divine intent for your life. And one of the fundamental principles is that we individually are responsible for our happiness. The cool thing is that you’re not alone. One of the things I learned in my near-death experience was that God is aware of everything that goes on and is anxious to help us with that help’s conditions. And one of the most critical requirements is, there never seems to be a violation of choice. I need some support through this, and then I realized that the help is always as close as that request, and sometimes it comes as I wanted, and sometimes it comes when I like it, and most often it doesn’t. So I’m the first to admit I don’t have all the nuances of divine purpose and timing. 

Why do bad things happen? Here’s what I’ve learned in my own experience. Sometimes bad things happen just because they happen to. Accidents happen, bad news, bad things, and other stuff happens. Viruses, bacteria, and infections like this COVID spread the world things like that happen. And they occur by nature and under the world that we live in. It isn’t perfect. It’s just the way that it is. I know those bad things happen, and they sometimes happen to good people. And that doesn’t mean God’s up there saying, “Oh, good, that bad thing happened to that good person.” Stuff happens. And God certainly doesn’t prevent all bad things from happening. 

Another reason I know bad things happen is that people do bad things, I know that not because I am a coach and I hear it from my clients. I know that because I was terrible myself before, and I am not proud of it, I am ashamed of it. If you are interested to know what I did wrong, I wrote a book about it titled Tight Rope of Depression: My Journey From Darkness, Despair, and Death to Light, Love, and Life. So that’s another reason terrible things happen. Just because the world is the way, it is. Everything happens for reasons. So when accidents happen, or people do bad things, the divine capability is to turn that into something useful.

Trust or Rage? There’s a purpose here. Trust when we accept that even though this thing has happened, there will be a learning opportunity, a good outcome. I trust there will be justice in the end. Now, on the other hand, I’ve also raged at the heavens and wondered why I and this isn’t fair and all that stuff, and nobody ever said life was fair. Life’s not fair. But it is purposeful. It is intentional. It is created and designed for a reason. And the reason is your happiness. 

Key Takeaways

“The reason is your growth. And that is sometimes hard to understand. It’s like, how can this thing helped me grow? It hurts so bad. It’s such a struggle. It’s so painful, and it’s so not fair. How can this be good for me? But if you believe and know that God is perfect, and you ask the same question, my playbook or gods, then I know what my playbook is. My playbook is things go right. Maybe little struggles happen, but pretty quickly, I developed skills. I do it right. I have success. I make money, I get the prize, good things happen.” 

“My playbook and God’s choice because of God’s design is to help me grow and be a better person. Be more like he is and to become more compassionate, loving, kind.  I have to allow the teaching to sink in. If I choose the rage and I rage against the world or God. I can’t allow the benefit and love and kindness and learning to penetrate deep into my heart.” 

“I have learned that by trusting God’s playbook by explicitly saying “our” and I’m setting my playbook aside my desires. I trust that there’s a creator who has a divine design, and that design is happiness, growth, and joy. And I’m just going to jump in and play this game for all it’s worth. And I’m going to allow learning for every difficult opportunity, and I’m going to seek opportunities to love and be kind. I know that has contributed to so much joy and happiness in my life.”


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