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Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 144: Episode 144 – Meditation – Be Still

Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 144: Episode 144 – Meditation – Be Still

“To me, it’s a heaven to eliminate stress. And so I do.“ – Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn

The first episode of this podcast was Meditation – The amazing journey, and we just talked about what a fantastic journey it is. And we talked a little bit about some of the benefits. I’m going to talk a little bit more about the benefits bits of meditation. There are several psychological benefits, many documented medical benefits. And all of these have been the subject of rigorous testing. Interesting, get a whole bunch of brain scans on people who pray or meditate, and those who don’t. And there are significant differences between the brain structure functioning frequency and all that sort of stuff. So there’s lots of dedicate dedicated and clear evidence about benefits physically, mentally, and so forth having to do with meditation. So we are now detailing it bits by bits. 

Yesterday I tackled how we should be slowing down on everything, but today’s topic is not the same as slow down. This time, Be Still. Your ultimate life is not frantic. I doubt I’ve never heard anyone when we talk about creating your ultimate life say to me, and I want my ultimate life frantic. Never had that happen or any word that even resembled that never been one of the descriptors, yet we create and respond to our current life in that way. Frantic is moving quickly. Designing your ultimate life is not by hustling. As much as possible, building your ultimate life is by enjoying it and savoring every memory. And there’s nothing frantic or incredibly urgent about that. Because we don’t live that way, so this is where meditation comes in and can solve this problem for you. You slow down, be still, and savor the moment our ultimate life has to offer. So what is the difference? Slowing down and be still? You can’t always be and notice what is there until you have slowed down, that is the difference.  

So it is crucial to being still enough to notice what is there now after you slow down. And that means you get in the habit of allowing thoughts to come in your surroundings. So at first, you feel your chest expand, or perhaps your diaphragm expands or possibly your diaphragm and then your chest, or you do three stages, which is diaphragm and chest and then the upper lung, which moves the shoulders a little. And you know, you can practice that, and you feel the clothing against your skin, and you might feel something gurgling in your stomach as you breathe in your diaphragm moves and disturbs the stomach. You’ll notice that as you slow down and then You’re still, and you return more quickly and more easily to the present moment, and the point of focus, I’m using the breath, you return more rapidly and efficiently entirely to the breath.

You will notice the difference. You will start seeing things. You’ll start noticing the material things and the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional things that were always there. But we’re so busy, and the noise level is so high in our lives that we can’t hear them. We don’t know them. And it doesn’t matter that they’re there. We can’t understand what’s going on. And by intentionally creating a place where we’ve slowed down, and we have made ourselves still, those little quiet thoughts and voices can come to the fore. My own experience has been very, very profound with this. So if you’re interested in doing this and creating your ultimate life faster, then take the opportunity to learn and make yourself practice. You’ll find that it moves you quicker and quicker toward your ultimate life.

Key Takeaways

“So we often become overwhelmed with bills with work with noise, with television, with relationships with traffic, all of the stuff that pounds incessantly in on us. And meditation is the way to eliminate that and to get stress completely out of your life. So you can eliminate stress if you want to.” 

“Whatever it is that comes in and pushes into your consciousness. That’s fine. acknowledge it, let it go. And return back to whatever you’re concentrating on. If you have nothing else, I suggest you use the breath. Think about what it is to breathe and feel every breath coming in and going out, and you feel your clothing and your chest cavity and your diaphragm and all of those things, and you get used to feeling that, and pretty soon it becomes not a chore, it becomes a joy. Because what happens is, guess what, you start noticing more and more things about the experience of breathing.”

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Meditation – The Amazing Journey Within if in case you are interested, you may get this on Amazon by clicking here


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