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Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 143: Episode 143 – Meditation – Slow Down

Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 143: Episode 143 – Meditation – Slow Down

“The reason I do this because I have never found a more powerful and simpler tool to connect with the power you need to create your ultimate life.” – Kellan Fluckiger


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What you are about to learn

Yesterday’s episode was the beginning of the topic of meditation. This is now the continuation of that episode. And if you have listened to that topic, I discussed what meditation is all about, and it’s benefits to all of us. And I encourage all of you to do it and receive the benefit it brings to life. And the reason I do is, I have never found a more powerful and more straightforward tool to connect with the power you need to create your ultimate life. 

I include prayer in that process. So I say a prayer, and meditation, they’re slightly different. It depends on how you implement them. If in case you are not familiar with meditation and want to know what this is, I have written a book called  Meditation: The Amazing Journey Within which you can buy from Amazon, or I also have a unique program on my website, maybe you would like to check. My website is Just make sure if you start meditation. This needs to be done regularly, and it will generate power for you to create your ultimate life. And that I promise I’ve seen it over and over again with me, with my clients and all over the place. 

Slow down enough to be where you are. And that might sound cryptic, and it is intentionally a little mysterious, but it’s based merely on a fact. And the truth is, most of the time we live life in a rapid-fire way things come at us so crazy fast. Combining meditation with execution results and getting far more done than those that are crazy busy. But we need to slow down. So what does this mean? This means that we tend to look the more natural way. We hurry things up, and for us, everything has to be at that speed. And if it’s not available like that, it creates frustration whenever we don’t get all things done the fastest way. Meditation means slowing down enough to be where you are. Now let’s describe exactly what that means.

Slowing down is self-explanatory. So sitting down for meditation means sitting down in a chair or on the floor or a park bench, or wherever is comfortable, where you’re likely to be undisturbed for 10 or 15 minutes and Slow down. Slowing down enough until you’re aware of the ground, under your feet or the carpet, that you feel the pressure of the chair that you’re sitting in, on your legs. One way to approach meditation is to focus on the breath so the cycle of life inhalation and exhalation, growth, decay, energizing, and dispelling waste in the form of carbon dioxide. If you do this, you will find inner peace and calmness as you’ve never felt before. 

Key Takeaways

“The energy comes from your motivation. It comes from your vision of The future. It comes from a declaration of who you are recognizing your divinity, and all of those places that we’ve talked about because you are divine, and you have the infinite capability, and you’re a creator, and you are designed to live in love creating love, to grow in this ultimate life. Because meditation is the fastest and most effective way to access power, you need to create your ultimate life.” 

“There are lots of metaphorical and powerful things that take place with respect to breathing in the body, but whether you focus on the breath, or whether you focus on a mantra, or whether you focus on a sound or a pleasant picture, doesn’t matter. What matters is practice slowing down. Now why in the world would you want to practice slowing down? Well, that is the key to inspiration, Revelation, and high powered performance. It is the key to making more money, having more fun, and creating more joy.”

“The first step slows down enough to be where you are. Now my challenge to you is between today and tomorrow’s episode when they talk about Step two is to practice tonight and tomorrow. Do that sit just for 10 minutes. You won’t miss anything, set a timer, and slow down enough to be where you are and see how much you can do that. How much you can just let the thoughts that come notice them and let them go.”


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Meditation – The Amazing Journey Within if in case you are interested, you may get this on Amazon by clicking here


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