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Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 141: Episode 141 – Life Is Magic

Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger 141: Episode 141 – Life Is Magic

“So after you have relaxed into the beauties of creation around you, and after you have filled your soul with that beauty and connected to the divine intention that you have your ultimate life and want you to think about what is possible for you to create, through love.” Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn

In every child’s eyes, magic is something that is an extraordinary occurrence that is beyond our imagination. But, what is magic? Magic usually is the stuff that we just don’t understand. And so it seems like it can’t be explained by what we see. Or what we define as normal experience. And so we call it magic. Now sometimes we dismiss old superstition and stuff that people used to call magic because there’s all kinds of now rational explanation. Or we say things can’t be so because we don’t have a rational explanation. But let’s just get back to the fundamental question, do you believe in magic?  

As mature people, some of us don’t believe in magic. It’s either we believe or we ignore. Magic is things happening that you cannot explain by your normal understanding of how things work like we all have a normal understanding of how stuff should go through the day whether or not things can happen or they make sense with how we understand the world. And when we go past that, it’s in the realm of magic or extraordinary or magic potions. 

One of the things that we do right now is we live so fast. If you want to experience divinity is to slow down,  and take in what is really around you. What is really part of your life, like when was the last time you completely relaxed and watched a sunrise or when was the Last time you sat and watched a sunset, or participated viscerally in a thunderstorm last night was an opportunity to do that? 

admit to yourself, the divinity of your own creation. You don’t feel the magic around you because you are living so fast. You ignore the goodness of life. You skip the beauty of what life has to offer. Magic for us old people is no longer believing in the extraordinary and unbelievable things. Magic for us is defined as Magic in love.  The word love with the word magic. Because if there is a power that is as close to magic, if there is a power that is as close to the ability to create or do anything, it is pure love.

What can you create? By focusing on love? What can you create by thinking about how magical life really is? I tell you and I challenge you at the same time, I can promise you actually, that the more you do this, the happier you’ll be, and the more creative you’ll be. And the more you do it, the faster you’ll move toward creating your ultimate life.

Key Takeaways

 I can promise you every single time if you choose to take a few minutes and slow down and let the wonders and beauty of the world around you. Just sink into your heart and sink into your soul. And enjoy what’s there. You will feel the majesty power And intent of the Creator. 

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