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Kellan’s Speaking Program

You know the speaker where you want to be in the front row because they carry so much energy and power? Kellan is that guy

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Kellan is a charismatic presence with a powerful message. A conference keynote favorite, a “go-to” emcee for large and small events, a motivational master and a workshop powerhouse.
With riveting story and captivating narrative, Kellan will move you, inspire you, make you laugh, cry and determined to be your best self.

Whether he speaks on “The Book of Context”, “Total Control – How to Create Your Own Time,” or “Overcoming the Inertia of Personal Change” or “Love, Create, Serve – Finding Freedom, Prosperity, and Joy in Turbulent Times,” you will come away with practical, immediate steps to dramatically experience your life in more powerful and productive ways.
Combining the practical with the profoundly moving and spiritual dimensions, Kellan will give you greater understanding, peace, and power in your everyday life and your most difficult undertakings.

Kellan won his first speaking competition when he was 14 and has been on stage ever since. However, long experience is not the master key. The pure magic of his message is connecting to your heart and the truth you feel inside you as you KNOW that the words and the energy are for you, about you and tailored to your life and needs

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