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You know the speaker where you want to be in the
front row because they carry so much energy and power?
Kellan is that guy

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“Kellan Fluckiger is one of the most sought after, engaging speakers who’s shared a stage with some of the biggest names in social media, coaching, internet marketing and business and has spoken all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.”

Breakthrough Leadership Results

Traditional leadership models have all broken down. The workforce has changed. Learn and leverage the new value structure and motivators of today’s smart, sophisticated and independent skilled team members. Your team and your company will never be the same.

Business Explosion

Explosive growth is not only possible, but it is the key to survival. Capture emerging markets, create a rabid following, confuse the competition and turn the growth curve upside down. Everything you need to master and dominate the new game of business.

Business Strategy

Strategy is the core of effective success. It is not enough to do anything the old way. The keys to strategic thinking adapted to your business and market segment. Master quickly, deploy stealthily, blow the competition away and become the industry standard.


Unmask and deploy the three keys to successful start-up for an upstart company. 1. High tolerance of uncertainty. 2. See beyond the obvious. 3. Be a finisher. Learn to discover, develop and deliver your capacity to deploy these three essential pillars of growth and thrive in any economy.

Guerrilla Marketing

Now, right now, every small business has the tools and reach to allow full head-on competition with huge corporations for market share, brand dominance and customer loyalty. Learn and deploy the tools of the guerrilla to capture clients, boost profits and thrive.

Personal Transformation

High productivity and high job and life satisfaction is not an accident; it is a choice. Everything you need to know to adapt and thrive in the new fast-paced and changing world to eliminate the barriers of Fear, Procrastination and Self-Sabotage from your life and work. Personal development on a new level.

The New Leader

Everything has changed. Leading a team is different now. If your team is local or remote, foreign or domestic, small or large, you must have the three essential skills of the New Leader. 1. Accessibility. 2. Vision. 3. Modeling. Increase your effectiveness and results and start now.
Certified Master Coach

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Kellan Fuckiger

Life and Business Coach I Ultimate Catalyst For Personal Transformation

Speaker Bio for
Kellan Fluckiger, CMC

With everything moving faster, and tastes and technology changing at breakneck speed, achieving RESULTS that matter is more critical than ever. Finding and eliminating external and internal roadblocks quickly and efficiently is the only way to survive in today’s complex world.

As a C-level executive in multiple countries and a consultant, business coach and standing ovation motivational and leadership speaker with over 30 years’ experience, the results speak for themselves. Kellan has developed unique and effective systems that drive unprecedented growth and results for individuals, executives and cross-functional teams. Alberta’s Energy Minister commented “Kellan has forgotten more about leadership than most people will ever know.”

He has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter to audiences from 20 to 2000 across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. With a combination of engaging stories, powerful principles and actionable tools and frameworks, Kellan will entertain, instruct, motivate and above all, change the way you look at leadership in business.

Kellan’s clients include luminaries and leaders. The Governor of California, senior legislators in the U.S. and Canada, CEOs of major U.S. and Canadian corporations, Super-Bowl winners, BMI Music Award winners, top Hollywood actors/actresses, best-selling authors, doctors, individual entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

He has also appeared before the US Senate, the California legislature, FERC, spoken at Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Alberta and the University of Monterrey.


5 Steps to your Ultimate Life
Let Kellan show you how to make your dreams possible.