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Kellan’s Leadership Program

Invite Kellan as a keynote speaker with a focus on
changing the game and therefore completely
changing the possible results.

What you believe controls everything you do. It also defines the boundaries of what you can accomplish. When you have leadership responsibilities, the effects of your beliefs are magnified. Your beliefs then form the light of motivation or the darkness of confusion and stagnation.

Successfully returning from an astounding near-death experience, Kellan wrote THE BOOK OF CONTEXT. This is a groundbreaking exploration of how to identify change and champion, beliefs that are empowering and create massive personal growth and professional leadership success.

Kellan has decades of leadership experience in government and industry at the highest levels. His amazing ability to do the seeming impossible led to contracts and assignments in many countries and many difficult situations around the world.

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From this leadership experience, Kellan has already written THE RESULTS EQUATION, which is a formula about how to create any result you like, whether in your personal life or your leadership responsibilities.
THE BOOK OF CONTEXT is a powerful next step in learning to assert control over your personal beliefs and leverage the amazing creativity and power that you have to create amazing results.

We spend most of our time looking for scapegoats and blaming external circumstances for our lack of progress. We chafe at our inability to control external events and people.

The truth is far simpler and more empowering. You, and you alone control the outcome of your world. You can create the circumstances and results that you want in your life, without regard to others’ behavior or attitudes.

End blaming, end frustration, end the terrible damage of fear, procrastination, and self-sabotage. Replace these insidious energy-sucking monsters with fearless ownership, freedom, persistence and real accomplishment.

Already a successful speaker and high-level success coach, Kellan was stricken with pneumonia in both lungs caused by the deadly necrotizing mrsa bacteria in the summer of 2018. Defying the odds which predicted death, Kellen spent three weeks in biological isolation in intensive care, with two of these weeks in comma.

During that period, Kellan came to the boundary between life and death and had three conversations with God. That experience in those conversations is written in the book Meeting God at the Door.”

In the second of these three conversations, THE BOOK OF CONTEXT,” was given as a tool for Kellan to expand and become even more powerful in the world of creating results and success. There is nothing you could do either for your growth or the success of your team than to participate in the life-changing experience of a seminar and workshop from The Book of Context.”


To create this experience for you or your team, Kellan will create a custom event from a one half day workshop to a full three-day event. The more difficult and challenging the situation, the more exciting and powerful the result.
Nothing is beyond the power that you have to create successful outcomes for your personal or business endeavors.Kellan is also available as a keynote speaker with a focus on changing the game and therefore completely changing the possible results.

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