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Coaching with Kellan

is a unique and powerful experience. Whether it is a group setting, a seminar or an intense and unforgettable one on one experience, and in each session is transformative.

Transformation is never something imposed from the outside.
 It is an awareness and power that is awakened on the inside of those being coached.
The power to create greatness resides in you, right now. It resides in each of us as a consequence of our divine nature and potential.

Influences from childhood, life experience, failed relationships and the struggles we all face make us forget who we are, doubt what we can do and therefore settle for a consistent diet of mediocrity.

Bringing light in to our hidden corners, separating real truth from the stories we tell ourselves and restoring the realization that we have the true capability to create anything we want one is one of the main outcomes of coaching sessions.

Private Coaching and
Custom Programs

Private Coaching utilizes Break the Cage NOW™ which is a proprietary, powerful and fully customizable  system for motivated individuals to move any and every aspect of their lives to the next level and the one after that.

CAGE is an acronym representing “Create, Achieve, Grow, Enjoy.” Using these four words and a proprietary framework developed with years of extensive research, Kellan is able to help clients connect with their true purpose, eliminate limiting beliefs and stories and access the power to create life on their terms.


Group Coaching applying
The Results Equation

The Results Equation™ is both a book and a method for spectacular achievement. Making particular things happen, achieving goals and meeting deadlines don’t happen by accident. Especially when the goals are big and big things are at stake.

Kellan has decades of personal experience in achieving “impossible” objectives at the highest level of business  and government and hundreds of clients who have experienced the life-changing power of The Results Equation™.

PTAC - Personal Truth and Commitment

A Deeply Personal and Powerful Journey connecting you to your divine origin and destiny and giving youlanguage and power which will fire you heart every day, give you patience and strength to deal with anyadversity and keep you fired up and vibrant as you find and fill your highest purpose.