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Transform Your Words Into Action & Your Obstacles Into Victory

You can do the thing you believe is impossible. Let Kellan show you how to make your dreams possible.

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Get a Free Copy 5 Steps to Your Ultimate Life

You can do the thing you believe is impossible. Let Kellan show you how to make your dreams possible.

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    Kellan’s Story

    Coming through decades of depression, addictions, life-threatening illness and a near-death experience, Kellan has become the ultimate catalyst to help motivated people melt barriers, move mountains and mobilize superpowers to achieve their true desires. As a coach and keynote speaker, Kellan’s masterful approach helps people get past old stories, change beliefs and create a life context to reach even goals that seemed impossible.

    Kellan's Story

    End The Overwhelm

    Learn how to create the time you need for what is truly important.

    Find The Clarity

    Discover your direction and design a plan that inspires action.

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    Master Discipline

    Take control of your mind, kill the excuses, and get ready to execute.


    Imagine starting everyday with a clear vision of success, a proven strategy designed to get you there and the confidence, support and accountability you need to make it happen.
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    Accountability is key to your success

    A powerful speaker, coach and motivator, Kellan has spent his career motivating, coaching and mentoring people in the energy industry, music industry and business world. NOW you have an opportunity to have Kellan as your Personal, Business or Transformation Coach.

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    Private Coaching & Custom Programs

    Private Coaching utilizes Break the Cage NOW™ which is a proprietary, powerful and fully customizable system for motivated individuals to move any and every aspect of their lives to the next level and the one after that.

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    Group Coaching applying The Results Equation™

    The Results Equation™ is both a book and a method for spectacular achievement. Making particular things happen, achieving goals and meeting deadlines don’t happen by accident. Especially when the goals are big and big things are at stake.

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    What Leaders Have To Say

    Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

    “One of the most powerful things that have happened to me is Kellan. After spending a couple of days with Kellan, he helped me achieve a massive breakthrough that years of therapy and coaching never did. He helped me find my passion and craft my message so that I can start to monetize it immediately… READ FULL TESTIMONIAL

    Steven Rowell
    Steven Rowell
    Professional Speaker

    “Kellan helped us set achievable goals and challenged our thought processes and beliefs. The interesting part of the coaching experience with Kellan that was unexpected for me is the way Kellan treats his clients – not just as business people, but, holistically; considering the mental, emotional, physical… READ FULL TESTIMONIAL

    Carla Howatt
    Carla Howatt