Coaching With Kellan

Extraordinary Success Coach for Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs Looking to Make a Bigger Difference in their World, Both Now and as a Legacy.

Tailored for those who want to create the cash, influence and joy they have been seeking while enjoying the lifestyle they design.

Every client receives a completely custom coaching experience.

While Kellan has created many successful models and frameworks that produce Extraordinary Results, nothing feels like a custom-tailored suit for fit and style or custom-molded ski boots for performance and fit.

Coaching with Kellan requires three commitments:

  • Honesty

  • Persistence

  • Investment

Tuition begins at $5,000 and moves up to $120,000 depending on the length and type of engagement.

Clients typically stay with him from 12 months to 3 years.

If you are fully satisfied with your status quo, then you should stay there and enjoy it.

If, you are highly successful, yet still yearn to step up another level in creating abundance, success, love, impact and legacy, then the “Break the Cage” experience might be for you.

Kellan’s commitment and passion is to create big change by being the catalyst for entrepreneurs to:

  • Achieve things they previously thought were unattainable

  • Understand themselves Radically Differently

  • Become Committed to Exponential Expansion

NOTHING can replace the unique and powerful opportunity of One-on-One Coaching with Kellan.

Personal coaching programs are tailored to your particular needs that will be life-changing. You will be able to finally achieve all that you dreamed and thought was impossible.

Using the concepts and ideas in the books and videos, but personally applied to your needs and barriers, you will be able to literally blast off to a new level of achievement.

A powerful speaker, coach and motivator.. Kellan has spent his career motivating, coaching and mentoring people in the energy industry, music industry and business world and NOW you have an opportunity to have Kellan as your Personal Business or Transformation Coach.

To apply for Kellan’s exclusive programs,
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