Entrepreneur on Fire

I have said people only pay for three things:

1. Shortcuts
2. Hand holding
3. Accountability

When I ask people why they are in business I almost always get the same three answers:

1. To make money
2. To help people
3. To be able to work for myself

Harsh reality for many entrepreneurs is that they work themselves to death. They don’t pay themselves. They do all the work themselves. And outsourcing or finding help is a great idea but they never get it done.

They spend way too much time doing low value activities and far too little time doing the things that really bring in the cash.

Many are afraid of prospecting. Many are afraid of selling or closing deals

Many have no idea how to use the Internet to create a big presence and even become a household word.

The big dream they had about creating a successful business and serving all kinds of clients remains just that: a big dream that’s “out there somewhere,” but certainly not available in the near term

They began to think it’s all a hoax and that nothing will ever change.

Some simply muddle through, some give up and go back to work, and a very few persevere, get the help they need and make it all worthwhile.

If you’re an entrepreneur, do you recognize yourself in any of those situations?

Would you like to quickly become one of the entrepreneurs who “makes it all work?”

Make good money!

Serve many people!

Create a powerful present so people know you!

Live the lifestyle that you thought business owners were supposed to have!

Welcome to entrepreneur on fire!

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